Within archery there is an award scheme , starting at 3rd class and working to the Grand Master Bowman, the way to progress though the ranks is to achieve a score while shooting a particular round, that being the format of the target and number of arrows shot. Some of the levels can be achieved at ordinary club practice times, and then some need to be shot during competitions.

The table below contains details of rounds and scores needed to achieve the grade

Grand Master Bowman Master Bowman
Bowman Recurve Bowman Compound Bowman Longbow Bowman Barebow
1st Class Recurve 1st Class Compound 1st Class Longbow 1st Class Barebow
2nd Class Recurve 2nd Class Compound 2nd Class Longbow 2nd Class Barebow
3rd Class Recurve 3rd Class Compound 3rd Class Longbow 3rd Class Barebow